Building relationships can be easy and fun.

Build happy relationships and embrace self-care, all in one elegant app. Start your journey to stronger connections and a more mindful you with Kindest today.

Kindest App

Nurture your connections effortlessly.

Craft and track habits to elevate your relationships. Use Kindest to set reminders, capture memories, and turn relationship management into a fun and rewarding journey.

Kindest App

Relationships Tracker

Build and grow your relationships, including relationship with you. Use the progress ring feature to visualize your actions, turning relationship building into a fun and rewarding game.

Kindest App

Action Reminders

Set daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time actions with customizable reminders. Show your loved ones you care, and stay motivated with unique icons, colors, details, and streaks.

Kindest App

Memories Keeper

Keep special moments or important details with images or text notes. Link these memories to individual relationships or actions, ensuring you never forget what matters most.

More ways to connect and care.

Beyond tracking relationships and actions, Kindest offers features to promote self-care, inspire action, and protect your privacy.

  • Self-Care Tracker

    Set actions and memories for yourself, transforming Kindest into a personal wellness app.

  • Action Templates

    Discover dozens of templates for various relationship categories, and get inspired to take action.

  • Privacy First

    Your identity, records, and contacts are always kept private with Kindest and not shared.

  • Kindest Plus

    Start for free or unlock unlimited features with a Kindest Plus subscription.

  • Habit Builder

    Use Kindest as a habit tracker to build and maintain healthy relationship habits.

  • CRM Organizer

    Organize your contacts and relationships in a way that’s meaningful and manageable.

Start your journey to stronger connections.

Balance your relationships with self-care seamlessly. Start crafting stronger bonds and a more mindful you with Kindest today.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is Kindest?

      Kindest is an app designed to help you build and maintain stronger relationships with the people you care about, but also with yourself. It is a privacy-first mobile app available for free on the App Store.

    • How does Kindest work?

      Kindest allows you to track your relationships, set actions to nurture them, and capture memories. You can use Kindest to schedule reminders, so you don’t forget to build and grow your connections.

    • What is the progress ring feature?

      The progress ring feature allows you to visually track your actions and completions.

    • Can I customize my actions?

      Yes, abosultely, you can craft actions and customize build-in templates with unique icons, colors, and details.

    • What is Kindest Plus?

      Kindest Plus is a subscription that unlocks unlimited features within the app.

    • How does Kindest protect my privacy?

      Kindest does not collect any private data. With Kindest you don’t have to worry about sharing your identity or contact details.

    • Can I use Kindest for self-care?

      Yes, you can set actions and memories for yourself, transforming the app into a personal wellness tracker.

    • What are action templates?

      Action templates are build-in actions that you can use to quickly start. They are designed to inspire you to take action in various relationship categories.

    • Can I use Kindest as a CRM?

      Yes, Kindest can be used as a CRM to organize your contacts and relationships.